Google Workspaces

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How We Can Help With Your Google Workspaces

Experts that can help you plan, migrate and maintain while securing a scalable collaborative and productive environment for your Google Workspaces environment

Ready to make the switch?

You can own a Google Workspace directly from Google. However, it is also possible to do it through a reseller (like TechRam). The Google Workspace subscription costs remain the same, but there are many more advantages to buying your G-workplace account through us, your trusted Google Cloud Partner.

We will help and support your environment, manage your account with a breadth of other solution offerings and give you the time to work on your business and not have to worry about emails.

Benefits of Google Workspace (G Suite)

Not sure about making the switch?

  • Fully customised – Google Workspace can be perfected to your business’ exact requirements. From creating an email domain that corresponds to the name of your business, to setting up specific apps and accessing security so that only your team can access your information.

  • Speed – With Google Workspace you can quickly collaborate and access your Calendar, Documents, Gmail and Chat with your team within the same platform. It is easy to share, organise, plan and create with your team and even your customers. With Google Workspaces you are ready to transform your business and work from home! 

  • Global – Whether you operate from the Australia or internationally, Google Workspace’s works at any time, from any location and with any device (computer, phone and tablet). In addition with our support, we will work with Google and support all your Google Workspace users.

  • Scalable – Online storage space (similar to OneDrive or Box) can be tailored to your business’s needs. Through the central management console we can help you easily create groups, and add and/or remove users.

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